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Fall Market Terrace

Hey Terrace its Sept 30 2019 and today I woke up to frost on the rooftops in the horseshoe.  So that signals that fall is in full swing.  Great news from the Canadian Government, we must have an election coming because a new first time home buyers program kicked in this month.  This assists people with income under $120,000 to purchase their first home.  Thats good news, too bad it took an election to get help from the government. 

The market in Terrace is stready and still in buyers territory however this might change soon.  Lots of home that have been on the market for some time are now moving off the market because they are selling which is great news.  So if your selling be patient and if your buying you better get going before that house you've been watching sells.  Homes are selling in the 97% of asking price range, so make sure the house your looking at is in your ability to purchase because sellers aren't going to discount their property just for you.  So be realistic when you are looking, it will save you time and frustration.   


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Fall Market Terrace

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