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Hot August Nights

Well we are now at August 8th and the middle of Riverboat Festival here in Terrace.  This weeklong festival has all kinds of family friendly events.  Terrace's new waterpark is now officially open and cooling off kids in our community as we continue a Hot Streak of several days.  Fire ban is still in effect as parts of the province continue to fight the wildfires.  The real estate market also seems to be running quite hot.  For the past couple of months we have seen properties that have been sitting on the market for quite some time being sold.  This is gre


Hard to believe that we are well into June.  The market has pick up speed increasingly over the past two months and now some price points are in short supply.  This will put pressure on prices.  Still and excellent time to buy and to sell.  Don't allow the increase in SOLD signs scare you off.  There is lots of great homes still on the market.  One of the great side benefits of living in Terrace is the longer hours of light over the summer, and we are enjoying that greatly.  Hope you are as well.  Get out for a hike, work in the garden or visit Te


In Real Estate the spring market has always been the bread and butter of the real estate market.  Most people wanting to list then and therefore lots of people looking then as well.  This year we could see a softer spring market.  Not as many listings coming onto the market and those that do come on with realistic pricing for current market conditions.  This means we are still in a buyers market.  So more sellers then buyers.  This puts downward pressure on the pricing of houses and sellers need to evaluate offers and consider all offers.  Entry level hous


So what are some top tips for selling in the winter. 

1.  Shovel the driveway!!!  No one wants to wade thru snow to get into your house.  Clear the walks and use sand or salt.  Make a good impression.

2.  Turn your heat up.  Many people turn down the heat specially with a vacant house.  You want your house warm and inviting.  People shouldn't be able to see their breath.  Makes them think something is wrong with your heating system.


People always seem to ask me when is the best time to list?  Is it the spring, summer, fall, certainly not the winter.  The real answer is when do you need to sell?  Sometimes work or other commitments require you to sell in winter, or middle of summer.  The real key is having a realtor who can put a proper value on your house, so that it is not priced to high and scares away buyers, but isn't priced so low that you leave money on the table.  Pricing is the more important aspect of listing your home.  Ask your realtor where they got the number they want to

When will it all HAPPEN???

So for a very long time here in Terrace we have been waiting for announcements of LNG and possible pipeline activity from Alberta.  We get ready to wait some more.  Royal Dutch Shell has shelved the LNG pipeline again and it looks like until commodity prices pick up we will continue to wait.  However land preperation continues some money is trickling into the project, which is a good sign.  The market continues to move ahead however pricing is key and sellers need to be realistic about asking prices.

Market Update

Well the market it Terrace continues to be spotty at best.  Weeks with sales and others with vertually none.  The selection of houses listed for sale is at about 180 currently.  So there is a great selection of houses for sale.  The largest number between about $175,000 and $400,000.  The market continues to be technequely balanced, however sellers are feeling more like it is a buyers market.  Houses need to be priced properly in order to sell.  Often I have sellers unwilling to take advice and then getting upset wihen houses don't sell, the reality is listen carefully to the advice

Is it the Right time to buy??

So the burning question everyone always asks is:  Is it the right time to buy?  Is the market going up or down?  Can I get a good deal?  The answer to these questions is as individual as the people asking.  If you need to buy, then buy.  There is lots of inventory to choose from.  Interest rates are at a record low.  The market is currently stable.  Real estate is not for the person looking to turn over a quick profit.  Real estate tends to be a longer term investment.  It gains value over time and as you pay it off, you are paying yourself.  Rent in Terrace is about the same price

Should I sell in the Winter?

Most people are inclinded to want to list there properties during the spring time because we are told the market is the best then.  True, the market tends to be stronger in the spring, but does that mean that the spring is the best time to sell??  Well keep in mind many people think that the spring is the best time to sell.  Therefore you are competing against more active houses on the market.  The greater the supply of houses the more pressure down on prices as people motivated to sell drop their prices to sell quickly.  People who are looking to buy during the winter season are MOTIVATE


I trust you had an enjoyable Christmas.  Time with family and friends and now we prepare for the arrival of the New Year.  Some people are planning to sell in the New Year and are wondering when the perfect time to put their house on MLS is.  Spring is by far the most active time in the real estate market and that being said also the time with the most houses listed.  So it might not be the BEST time to have your house on the market.  Right now, serious buyers are looking at homes to purchase.  The are motivated and qualified.  So my suggestion would be that even now it is a good time t

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